Welcome, weary traveler. Sit down, make yourself comfortable! Please enjoy this cold drink while you recover from your long travel. What are all these animals doing here, you say? Well, traveler, you have entered our ancient land at just the right time of the year! You have entered the annual Festival of Animals. It’s already the 23rd of its kind, can you believe it? Thankfully we keep note of these things on our handy stone tablets, surely of much use in the future. The written word is of the most importance, it will speak of our glorious Festival for many more years…

Ih, excuse me, we are a people of smooth talkers. Where was I?

You may have heard about our love of cats, dear traveler, but I can assure you we celebrate all animals here. We have found many world travelers like yourself willing to share their knowledge in panels, surely you will find a subject interesting to you. We think of the spiritual too, we allow ample time for our friends to become their inner animal and roam the premises. If that is not for you, have another drink and come seek out our wares for sale at the market.

Yes, yes, I see your confusion at us being here. We are perhaps a bit out of place in this city of mechanical wonders. Our Festival of Animals has grown so much in its 23 years, we had to move to the futuristic Estrel Hotel in Germania. Our spirit remains the same though, after all, did we not start the appreciation of anthropomorphic animals? It is what binds us together.

Right, traveler, we are gathered here to celebrate anthropomorphic animals. Some of us are scribes, others share their art by drawing. Some of us create wonderful music to which others show amazing dance moves. We have many ways to show our appreciation and we would be so glad if you could join us!

I can see the eagerness in your eyes to join, traveler. Please, read the words we have engraved here to sign up. We will see you around and we will be glad to tell you so much more about the wonders of our world. Live wealthy and prosper, traveler.

Origine: https://www.eurofurence.org/EF23

Luogo: Estrel Hotel, Sonnenallee 225 12057 Berlin, Germany
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